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Yep.  That's us.  Kim and Angel.  (The little one is Eliza.)  Best friends with an undeniable love for all things old.  China, glass, furniture, odds and ends, and especially people. :)  Kim is a mom of five boys.  Yes you read that right.  FIVE boys.  This past year two of them decided to get married.  Upon helping plan their weddings, we discovered that not everyone hoarded every pretty piece of china or glass they found in a thrift store when they were 14... Not that we hoard antiques like squirrels do nuts for the winter.  Nope. Not us.  We just realized that we had a great start to what could be a wonderful collection. 

Thus came the Dusty Daisy.  We knew that with some hard work and lots of antiquing; we could offer other brides-to-be access to unique pieces to help create the perfect day that they had always dreamed of!

We would love to help you too!

Vintage Rental Service .  Serving Decatur, Huntsville, Athens, and surrounding areas in Alabama . ​

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